Starting a Blog

Published on Friday, December 19, 2014

By Stephen Meyles

Our team decided to start this blog because we are dissatisfied with the alternatives available to us to share our culture with the outside world. If you're a developer it's very likely you have no idea who or what IMS Health and Nexxus are. We feel that's a shame given that we're busy building interesting products and having a lot of fun doing so. You might try to get a feel for who we are from the IMS Health website but it paints the picture of our global 9000+ person organization, not that of our 100 person, 40 developer Seattle team. The intention of this blog then is to share our local Seattle dev culture. It's intended to be somewhat raw as we'd rather be authentic than pristine and polished.

There's likely a good dose of naiveté in our approach to doing this. Actually, we know there is because at least two people have already told us exactly that. What struck me personally as funny about that feedback is that it largely misses the point. The Seattle development team is in large part the startup team that built Appature and, being the people we are, we continue to function like a startup. When we started Appature we had no idea what we were doing:

The thing about startup culture is that you do it anyways despite all the very rational objections. You do it because there's a gap, or because you're going to learn in the process, or simply because you're passionate about the idea. This blog is a microcosm of that philosophy.

This form of our blog is likely not the last - like a startup we may end up pivoting it, or maybe we'll see no traction and it will disappear. But maybe it works and this turns into a real window upon our team and culture. Regardless of the outcome we'll be focused on getting things started rather than designing a perfect process, workflow and toolset up front. Welcome to the Nexxus Dev Blog.