Dev Blog of QuintilesIMS Seattle

We are developers building healthcare-enabling applications in Seattle. We operate as a technology startup with an opportunity to connect more than ten petabytes of data and solve billion dollar problems. We believe that building great products is serious business but refuse to take ourselves too seriously. We have fun at work and live by the values on our wall: Surprisingly Simple, Get Things Done, Customers For Life, Challenge the Status Quo, Bring Yourself, Operate With Integrity and Stay Inspired.

Blog Reboot

Posted on Saturday, May 13, 2017

We are attempting to do a reboot of the Seattle office developer's Blog. In doing this I switch the blog to use the Wyam static site generator. The main reason for the switch is that I use Wyam for my personal blog and thus understand the build pipelines. Currently, we do not have automatic publishing of blog post. But we are in the process of using the gitlab (where we version control this site) ci runner to do this.

Hackweek 2015 - Janitor Monkey

Posted on Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Janitor Monkey is software that watches various AWS resources, and applies rules to decide when they are no longer needed. This is useful because AWS resources cost money, and when developers are empowered to create their own resources as needed, they may not remember to clean up the things they create after they no longer need them.

Hackweek Magnificent Au-Jus: Part 1 - The Pitch

Posted on Thursday, November 5, 2015

It is time to pitch your great idea. What an exciting and terrifying time! You are making yourself vulnerable and exposing what you believe is a fantastic idea to a group of people you respect. How will they respond? Will you be shunned and ostracized? What if they tell you that your idea is no good, or worse they simply don’t “get it”? I am not going to help you have good ideas, but I am going to help you pitch the idea you do have in a more compelling way.